Happy Summer!

We were in Huntsville, Ontario last weekend and saw this monument of Tom Thomson. The plaque reads “An artist, woodsman, guide and dreamer whose brilliant vision defined the Canadian wilderness and captured the majesty and many colourful moods of Algonquin Park.”  We are looking forward to enjoying some summers days at this beautiful park.

IMG_3971  IMG_3972IMG_3970

All nuts!


Homemade peanut butter and maple-walnut butter. These were surprisingly easy to make and much healthier than the store-bought kinds.IMG_3709

Spring One of a Kind Craft Show…. Christmas one coming….

Ok, I know it’s not spring, but the weather and seasons are changing again. It’s starting to get cold in Toronto – there was even a dusting of snow on the rooftops and on my car this morning. The boots, mitts, hats and other “woolies” are starting come out, as are Christmas decorations (ok, I said it!). Also, just around the corner is the One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale (Nov 22-Dec 2), which I’m really excited about. I’ve heard it’s about twice the size of the one in the Spring and some say that it’s not possible to see it all in one day. I thought the Spring one was already big and included such a variety artists and their crafts. During the Spring show, I attended a workshop “Make a fabric coaster using the English paper piecing method with Andrea Sadgrove of Liligo”. English paper piecing was on my “Learn to do” craft list, so it was perfect. Andrea was patient and shares some helpful tips, and her joy for crafting was especially contagious – thanks Andrea. See Andrea’s store here: Liligo or her blog: Liligo Life. 

And finally, here is my completed coaster (surprise, it’s orange!).

Japanese rice dishes

While I was recently looking through my many, many, many photos that my husband and I enjoy taking, I came across some that I had planned to share on this blog. This set is from way back in February when I had a craving for a Japanese sticky rice dish. I made two kinds – on the left, okowa (sticky rice with vegetables or meat or both) and osekihan (sticky rice with red bean). Both are steamed. And, they freeze well. Oh, so yummy!


Another resurrected craft


This is Georgina the Giraffe. I started this amigurumi last year using a pattern from Lion Brand. This is another projected that has been resurrected, which is close to being finished – just need to attach all of the pieces together (I’m finding this process finicky). Did you know that the giraffe is my favourite animal?