Cottage getaway comes to a close

Our cottage getaway came to a close, but with fun (& funny) moments and great memories. We spent our last day fishing – it was a hot day, but worth it. Our last catch of the day, of the week, was a 22 inch pike!

As you can see from my photos, I love sunsets. I think they are a relaxing way to end a day. It’s so calming to watch the sky change and there’s always a moment where I think “wow, another masterpiece – thank you Lord”.


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Cottage getaway

Aug 7

We’re fishing and relaxing up near North Bay this week, Aug 7 to 14. I was hoping to post at least one photo a day, but I haven’t been able to connect until now (a small window of opportunity?) So I will pick a few of my favourite photos to date (this will be tough as I’ve taken a ton of photos of pretty sunsets and surroundings). Okay. This all that my current access will allow me to upload and post… so more photos to come later.

One of many sunsets

Favourite photo... so far

Smokey Chocolate Cupcakes

A couple of weekends ago we went camping at McGregor Provincial Park, near Port Elgin. What a nice site – it was fairly private and well maintained. It had two picnic tables and a fire pit.  Great set-up!

Here are a few of the many photos I took of the blue-green shorelines of Lake Huron and some of its inhabitants.

After a day of exploring the campgrounds, relaxing at the beach and at our campsite, it was time to prepare for supper, get the campfire started and to do some experimenting.

The experiment: To bake chocolate cupcakes over the campfire. So, did it work? See the following photos:


Add milk, shake, pour

Keep pouring

Foil-tent oven, bake

And... we have cupcakes

Peel foil to eat

TA DA! Smokey Chocolate Cupcakes!

This was a fun experiment. The cupcakes were moist and tasted okay until I tried one the next day; the smokey flavour from the campfire was strong a bit off-putting. It was probably more prominent the next day as we weren’t eating them around the smokey campfire.