The baby shower cake I was planning to make this past weekend flopped! So, here’s the story… all of last week I was trying to decide whether to make cupcakes or a cake. While I had some ideas for the cupcakes, I couldn’t find the supplies I needed (wanted), plus I had found the photo and instructions for making a very cute baby shower cake that I had saved from a Canadian Living magazine (also on-line: Baby Carriage Cake) It was a white buttermilk cake cut into the shape of a baby carriage (little baby peeping out) covered with blue and green frosting and sporting Joe Louis wheels. I’ve made the cake itself before and it’s delicious, but it was my first time using tinted frosting and I wanted to get the colours just perfect.

So, the morning of the baby shower, I started by getting the cake into the oven and while it was baking I prepared the buttercream frosting – white, blue (using Wilton’s Royal Blue), green (using Wilton’s Moss Green) and chocolate. I carefully dabbed the gel colouring into the icing a little at a time, then mixed it, checked the colour, and then repeated this process several times until I reached the desired colour. I loved the colours! The cake took a long time to bake and once it was out I had to wait for it to cool down completely. Time was ticking.

Finally, I decided it was time to shape the cake and start decorating. I put the cake onto a cutting board and made the first cut…. OH NO! The middle of cake looked too moist. I tasted a piece that I had cut out and the middle part had a raw batter taste – the cake wasn’t fully baked 😦  FLOP!

I had to rush to the grocery store and hope that they had a cake appropriate for a baby shower. I found a white cake with a blue and purple border. It had clowns and balloons as cake toppers, which I replaced with some cute rubber ducky candles. The store-bought cake was yummy. Phew!

So, back at home, I still had this non-fully baked cake and icing to deal with. The cake itself still tasted good, especially if you like cake batter (hubby, loved it!). I decided to finish cutting the cake into the shape of the carriage, add the licorice and Joe Louis wheels and outline it in white icing. I didn’t bother with the blue and green icing, which I’ve frozen for another day. What a sweet looking cake it would have been. Here’s the picture…


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