Way too spicy!

I love spicy foods, but today I had ramen (a Japanese noodle dish) that was “way too spicy!” We decided that a nice bowl of ramen would be a comforting meal to end our week and made our way to a restaurant that served “Japanese fusion cuisine”.

My hubby ordered Akamiso Ramen (Red Miso Soup Ramen) with roll chashu, fishball, naruto maki, corn, mushroom, seaweed, green onion and dry seaweed. He enjoyed it.

I ordered Geki-Kara Ramen (Extreme Spicy Soup Ramen). This had shrimp tempura, crab meat, boiled egg, bean sprout, corn, mushroom, seaweed, green onion and sesame oil. The menu read “SPICY LEVEL: 1-5”. The waitress said that level 5 is extremely spicy and suggested that I order level 2 spiciness. Sounded rather safe being on the lower end of the scale – I even wondered, “will it be spicy enough for me?”

My order came. The soup was rather red… I took a couple of sips and instantly my lips began to burn! I continued to eat the noodles and the toppings, but it was way too spicy. My lips were red, my mouth was burning, I was getting teary eyed… and this is only a level 2!??!  Disappointingly, I couldn’t finish the ramen that I was looking forward to. Further, I was disappointed that the waitress, who made the suggestion in the first place, didn’t come back to check on us and our order 😦

Here’s a photo of my ramen. It does look appetizing in the photo, but believe me this one was way too spicy!